Introducing KeyBistro

AirBnB guests can check in with ease. KeyBistros get more foot traffic.
KeyBistro is the missing cog in the Sharing Economy

Simple Checkins

No more waiting in a boiling lobby, no more wondering where your guest is. Let them check in when they want in comfort.

Local Knowledge

Guests get to learn a local cafe or bar. People are inherently lazy, they are likely to come back to somewhere familiar.

More Revenue

We save hosts money. We bring our keybistros traffic. Traffic of hungry people who are here to spend money. Why not let them?

Everybody wins

People book with sites like AirBnB to get a local experience. We take this a step further and introduce them to some of the best bars, cafes and restaurants in the area from the moment they arrive.


First Impressions Count

It is easy to make a decent first impression with KeyBistro. Guests arrive to somewhere highly recommended in the local area.

Save Costs

Do you run ads for your cafe, bar or restaurant? We have customers who are ready to come to your establishment today!

Happy Customers

Receive happy customers. Show them a good service and they are likely to keep returning throughout their stay!

How do we help you?

We connect travellers with KeyBistro as a place to pick up their keys, taking the friction out of check in and increasing the chance they will buy something in a KeyBistro

Travellers book with a local Host

Whether it is AirBnB, TripAdvisor, HomeAway or any of the other sites. Booking with a local host, throws up the question of how this guest will check in.

Host deposits keys with KeyBistro

The host provides the guests with details of the KeyBistro where they can pick up the keys and also provides the keys to the KeyBistro team.

Traveller picks up at their leisure

The guest arrives at the KeyBistro, they show ID to get the keys released. After a long journey, they are starving! They buy a meal increasing the revenues of the KeyBistro.

Benefitting everyone

We like to make things simple. The Host no longer has to wait for the guest. The guest no longer feels under time pressure. The KeyBistro has a new customer.

  • Simplifying the check in process
  • Saving you and your guests time
  • Happy guests can arrive when they want
  • Guests get to know a great beverage outlet in the neighbourhood
  • Local people benefit from increase in business
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Our Key Bistros

Make your checkins simple in these locations!

Marcel – French Bistro

Marcel – French Bistro

Marcel is a quaint bistro located on Sathorn Soi 10. They do excellent food, cocktails and beers. A great place to relax and friendly staff to handle your key needs.…

Choose the right plan for your business

Some people host occasionally, some people are running bigger operations. We have plans to suit the broad spectrum of hosts.


฿100per key drop

  • ID Required
  • Secured Location


฿400per month

  • 5 Key Drops
  • KeyBistro Envelopes
  • ID Required
  • Secure Location


฿1000per month

  • Unlimited Key Drops
  • Discount card for KeyBistro
  • KeyBistro Envelopes
  • ID Required
  • Secure Location

Read more about us!

We created KeyBistro because we needed it ourself and feel others can benefit. Here are some of the reasons why

Frequently Asked Questions

Matchmaking establishments with short term rental hosts

1. Is this secure?

Yes, we ensure that our KeyBistros are vetted and trained in how to handle your keys. We recommend using generic keycards and keys as to anonymize which building they are from.

2. Why not just wait for a guest?

Flight delays, not knowing how to get a taxi, arriving on a Friday or a Saturday night when you may have plans.. sure, wait if you have time. KeyBistro is an inexpensive way to provide a check in for your guests which is unique and something they won’t forget.

3. I don't know how many bookings I will get a month?

No problem, if it is your first month with us, we’ll provide you with the plan that fits you best, if you outgrow an older plan, we’ll automatically put you on the next one ensuring that you are returned any difference.

Are you a cafe, bar or restaurant?

We’d love to hear from you. We are creating KeyBistros across Southeast Asia and would love to bring an added benefit to your business by making you the exclusive KeyBistro in your area.

Shoot us a short message! It's that simple

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