Key Bistro

Creating seamless check in experiences for short term rental guests & boosting income for local independent F&B outlets across Southeast Asia!

Benefits for F&B Operators

Travelers are increasingly booking new accommodation options through sites like AirBnB, HomeAway and many others.

These travelers are booking often in neighborhoods which they are not familiar with and not in the center of the city. This marks a big opportunity to showcase your neighborhood and be that first impression of somewhere they can trust.

Being a Key Bistro is simple, you hold the keys for an accommodation operator and wait for a guest to take them. Quite often a guest will arrive after a long flight and with an empty stomach. They might not have been able to check Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for many hours and are looking for a comfortable place to do so.

Offering guests a special offer and free wifi will give them a great introduction to the neighborhood and convince them to spend with you. If you leave a great impression, repeat visits during their travel is not uncommon.

Through our research, we have noticed approximately 25% of people picking up keys at a Key Bistro end up making a purchase in the Key Bistro.

Would this interest you? Let us know in the form below and one of our team will be in touch. We are always looking out for friendly cafes who share our vision for sustainable tourism that benefits locals.

Benefits for Short Term Rental Hosts

How do you manage your check ins? Seriously, what is your process? Do you ask the guest when they plan to arrive and arrange to meet them at that time in the lobby of the apartment building? Sure. It works. It also can leave you waiting for an hour, two hours or more.

A flight delay, a change in itinerary or a whole range of reasons can lead to this being a real pain and it quickly becomes expensive in manpower costs.

What if you could partner with that cafe across the street to hold your keys? What if a guest can go there on their own time and check in when they arrive? Wouldn't that be awesome?

Key Bistro enables just that. We created Key Bistro because we needed it ourselves and now we want to share it with the world. Our guests love it, we love it and we save a bunch of time, money and energy ensuring the best check in process available today.

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Locations of Key Bistros

Want to make your check in process simple, easy and efficient? Spending too much time waiting for guests to arrive and meeting them for check out? We know the feeling. Check out some of our Key Bistro locations today and save time, money and energy so you can focus on the things that matter!

China Town in BangkokLower SukhumvitThong LorSathorn (Chong Nonsi BTS)Siam BTSSaphan Taksin BTSAri BTSChatuchak MarketLumpini Park
If you are interested in any of our Key Bistro locations to use yourself or would like your F&B business to become a Key Bistro, please fill in our form today!

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